Michael Filan



michael filan

Many artists find it necessary to hold another job to survive financially. In many cases, anyone engaged in a dual career for a length of time knows firsthand that it can create a lifestyle of frustration, stress, and exhaustion. However, there are exceptions when dual careers very much complement each other.

Michael Filan, a fine artist and creative coach to business professionals, has been able to successfully merge his two professions, which he discusses in a podcast produced by the online magazine Sésame.

Sésame takes readers behind the scenes to share insights into how creative people see, feel, and experience the world. The publication "has been created in recognition of the challenges people and business can experience, in successfully letting go of existing comfort zones and re-writing the rules by which they create an impactful future" said Keith Wright the founder and editor of the magazine, who hosted the podcast.

While maintaining a career as a painter, for more than nine years Filan has served as a creative coach with The TAI Group in New York working with executives in companies such as BCG and IBM.

"It’s quite exciting when the client begins to move into a different side of themselves, when they communicate with more power, when they communicate with more authenticity, when they start looking at the world from a different lens," said Filan.

In the podcast Filan shares insights he has learned as an artist and special way of looking at the world, and how they have helped him with TAI clients, pointing out that artists and business professionals have similar challenges. This includes a fear of entering new territory, and contending with self-doubt. "We all have doubts, we all have those niggling voices and by putting them in perspective, not squashing them down, letting them live and letting them be there, and working around them and working through them, it becomes a very, very important lesson in life and I use it coaching."